Principal's Message

Haere Mai

Welcome to our school's web site.

Tauraroa Area School is a vibrant and caring school with a clear focus: student achievement.

Our positive approach continues to produce outstanding results in academic, leadership, sporting and cultural areas. Students of our school learn in an environment of mutual respect, with an emphasis on sound learning and teaching practice.

We enjoy outstanding facilities, including an swimming pool, synthetic turf courts, full size rugby and football fields, gymnasium, extensive computer equipment and support and well resourced classrooms and specialist teaching areas.

Situated in a picturesque rural location, in an area experiencing strong population growth, the school offers an ideal learning environment. It is no surprise that our school is enjoying a growing reputation in the Whangarei region and beyond.

Our most recent Education Review Office report highlighted many of our strengths, with comments such as “High levels of student achievement exceed national averages” “Students are friendly, engaged and proud of their school” “Students experience a range of effective and appropriate teaching". Please take this opportunity to read the full report at

With a roll of over 540 students from year levels 0 to 13, the school is large enough to have the advantages of a range of specialist teachers and facilities, yet small enough to retain the flexibility and pastoral support individual students need.  International students hold a special place in the school, enjoying the friendliness of local students and the school community.  Tauraroa Area School gives our international students the chance to experience 'the real New Zealand'.

Our ongoing emphasis on Cornerstone Values (honesty, respect, duty, compassion, obedience, responsibility, kindness, consideration for others) is equipping students of all abilities for life beyond the school gates as contributing members of their communities and families.

Our senior students consistently achieve one of the highest NCEA success rates in New Zealand, thanks to the efforts of students, the commitment of staff and the support of families.

A major building programme has recently seen further improvement in our already excellent facilities and the construction of new buildings designed to give our students and teachers access to outstanding opportunities, especially in the areas of science, music, art and computer technology.

The Board of Trustees and senior management of the school are committed to fostering high expectations of student achievement, uniform and behaviour; student leadership opportunities; a strong outdoor education programme and a close and positive relationship with parents and friends of the school.

As an Area School, our students enjoy some special advantages:

  • a continuity in their education avoiding the disruption of starting new schools at intermediate and secondary levels;
  • a wide cross section of ages which provide significant leadership opportunities for senior students and confidence building relationships for juniors;
  • a senior school giving our students the chance to construct 'tailor made' courses and enjoy small classes, with close and full support of highly professional staff - the success of which can be seen in our NCEA results;
  • primary level students have access to specialised staff and facilities usually only available for secondary students.


Thank you for your interest in Tauraroa Area School. I invite you to take the time to visit and experience first-hand the many advantages our school has to offer.

Grant Burns